Ruined by Design

In 2019 I managed a team of 18 graphic designers and I decided to do a year-long training based around Mike Monteiro’s book Design is a Job.

I wanted to help my team get better at standing up for themselves and to make sure we could communicate how what we did was deliberate practice. I felt like they needed this, but more importantly the company we worked for needed this. I read the book before, years earlier, and I’m happy to have been able to introduce it to a whole new set of designers.

Long story short, when Monterio released a new book, Ruined by Design in 2019 it was just the right book for just the right time in my life and career.

Reading this book forced me to go back and refocus on why I got started in design and what it means to me. I would suggest you read it too. And delete your Facebook accounts.

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