Everything the Light Touches

Over the last several months I have been kicking an idea round in my head for a community type web service geared toward civic engagement. Although I know it isn’t the biggest factor I keep getting stuck on is the question of audience. The user I imagine is someone who has roots in the local community and would like to stay informed on local events and issues. The problem comes from trying to define who is “local,” which, come to think may be contributing a need for this type to why I feel like this kind of online community in the first place.

I can’t seem to reconcile for all the differences in the maps of the area. Map of Brighton, Colorado from Google MapsAt first I thought I should gear mainly toward Brighton, but when I look at a map of Brighton proper is looks like swiss cheese, and really misses some of the outlying areas which I initially wanted to include. I look to expand into the whole of Adams County only to find this huge area including only parts of Brighton, plus parts of Commerce City, Thornton, Westminster, and a large hole cut right out of the middle by Denver County. The local area accounts for parts of 3 different house districts, parts of a handful of school districts, and really no unifying body that I can discern.

I guess I have been spoiled in the past, the City of Denver is the County of Denver, it’s all inclusive. Same deal with Broomfield. Not to mention the distinct separations caused by the terrain in Eagle County.

What do you think? Is there a way to appeal to just the right cross-section of this area? How do people here identify collectively? Is an answer to this question important at this point, or can I develop my own answer as I work through the rest of this problem?

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