Katie has been using a feeding tracking app (Baby Feeding Log) for the last couple of weeks. It works well, but doesn’t allow you to share your info active collaboration with the other parent.

The primary reason for tracking feeding, for us, was so we could both, pardon the pun, stay abreast of Frankie’s routine. The tracked info does us little good if we can only see what we already know we did.

With that, last night I spent a little time to set up frankipedia. Basically, I created a standalone WordPress site with a form for submitting diaper changes, feeding, and sleep. I used gravity forms and the gravity forms + custom post type plugin to create the form. Then I did a little basic child theming to WordPress’ 2013 theme and set some time tracking variables. I gave Katie and myself a login and then I waited for Franklin to do something. And that’s basically it.

Here are some pics of the app, totes.





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