Stationary Bike Generator

Stationary BikeI made this back in April 2006. I took a stationary bike ($5 from a Goodwill), a radiator fan motor (salvaged from my old Geo), a Walkman ($15 too much) and some assorted capacitors and batteries (from Fistell’s in Denver) and hooked them all together to convert burgers and shakes into electricity.

I based my plans off of the wind generator from Volume 5 of Make: Magazine.

The funny thing is, I had a fully functional wind generator as soon as I removed the radiator fan. I then spent a week taking it apart and attaching it to a bike, all just to make a joke/statement on wasted energy, work, exercise, and green energy.

More pictures below.

Stationary Bike Generator WalkManClose-Up

Stationary Bike Generator Close-Up

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