A New Host

I spent a little time at the end of last week and then over Sunday night moving my hosting and registrar service over to Dreamhost and Namecheap, respectively, from Network Solutions. This whole move is going to allow me to do some things I have wanted to do in the past, but have had a hard time with over at Network Solutions.

The main goal was to have multiple sites and networks of site on a single hosting subscription. This works great and I’m really happy with the move.

Dreamhost also has a lot more options for customization and specialization. It is clear that network solutions has put some work into simplifying and making managing a site through them easy for a weekend webmaster, but it just never seemed to mesh with the way I think. I have spent a lot of time randomly clicking on links hoping to find the one correct path to a buried link on their site only to give up and got to google. Right away, with Dreamhost, I have not had this issue.

So, everything is on a new server, and a new database. If you notice any bugs please let me know.

On a side note, site hosting has suddenly and unexpectedly become part of my web design services. Let me know what Deganhart Design can do for you.

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